Making peace through peaceful means. . . .
Making peace the work of justice. . . .
last updated on March 24, 2000
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Our purpose

The purpose of JustPeace, Inc. is to nurture peace and justice for all people, locally and around the world. Toward this end, JustPeace encourages friends and associates
JustPeace explores
JustPeace cultivates a holistic approach

All like-minded people, including but certainly not limited to those associated with Anabaptist and Pietist Christian traditions, are invited to join the quest for just peace. Inquiries and your personal offerings of making peace through peaceful means, of making peace the work of justice, and of simplifying life to realize the longing for just peace may be sent for compilation to:
Robert or Ruthann Johansen
JustPeace, Inc.
51385 Hunting Ridge Trail
Granger, IN 46530
Tax deductible contributions to further this work, payable to JustPeace, Inc., are welcome.
E-mail inquiries for JustPeace are also welcome.
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